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Kushy CBD was born out of an innate desire to make positive changes in the world around us. Countless patients all over the world suffer with debilitating injuries, terminal illnesses, and severe emotional, psychological, and physical pain.

Luckily, we don’t have to succumb to the notion that Big Pharma is our only option. Many have found salvation in the sacred Cannabis plant, especially with CBD. Cannabidiol, better known as CBD, is one of at least 113 active cannabinoids found in the Cannabis genus. Each and every year, more research is released that indicates the potential benefits of cannabidiol for mammals.

There’s a common misconception, however, that you can simply buy CBD products online and receive instant relief. But, like any other health product on the market, there is a plethora of low-quality CBD products and snake oil salesmen to navigate through.

We’re on a mission to change that here at KushyCBD. Will you join us?

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Kushy CBD Social Responsibility

We live in a much more transparent world than our parents once lived in.  Unlike in the past, we can now see and measure the footprints that we leave behind as humans. The fact is, society, as a whole needs to do better We are tired of seeing charities take donations and fail to distribute the help to the people that really need it. At Kushy Punch, we are not just making edibles and vapes in exchange for money. We are staunch advocates for creating safer medical marijuana alternatives for patients, lowering the dependency on pharmaceutical drugs, fighting hunger in Los Angeles, as well as Wildlife and Nature Conservation.

Our goal is to directly reach and impact the people in our community, through meaningful philanthropy. To kick off 2017, we plan to start working with GiveDirectly, which is a highly reputable and trustworthy charity that transfers cash to households in developing countries via mobile phone-linked payment services. By targeting extremely low-income households, GiveDirectly allows donors to directly help someone in need by giving them the help directly, bypassing middlemen and potentially corrupt local governments.  This is only touching the surface of what’s possible. We believe that through our actions, our community of growers, vendors, patients, and enthusiasts will become more aware of the ongoing issues in our society as well as using their own voices to promote positivity.

Currently, we’re in the planning stages of a group serve day at a homeless shelter within our community. Starting with food only inspired us to think of other creative ways to make an impact.

Wildlife Waystation is a 160 acre wildlife preserve located in the Angeles National Forest. They provide 24-hour care to more than 400 permanent animal residents. Continuing with what we started in August 2016, Kushy Punch will donate cash quarterly to the sanctuary to help upkeep the grounds. Wildlife Waystation receives no funding from federal, state, or local governments, but is supported solely by private donations, foundation and corporate grants, bequests and animal sponsorships. The sanctuary is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by a professional staff and highly trained and dedicated volunteers. (wildlifewaystation.org)

When we see the collective efforts of a group impact a larger region, we are in awe of such work. Our dream project (groundbreaking in 2018) was inspired by the hard work and dedication of 800,000 volunteers in India that managed to plant a world record, 50 MILLION TREES in ONE DAY! Witnessing an orchestration like that is beautiful. With our project we aim to purchase 100 acres of land to plant our own forest! One tree can absorb approximately 48lbs of CO2 per year; 1 ton by age 40! Just imagine the impact of 100 acres of trees.

Overall, at Kushy Punch, we want to lead by example and show the world that together we can bring about change, learn from each other and the environment, and become more connected as a society.