3 Reasons Why Our CBD Mango Tincture is Perfect For You


 In this article, we look at why tinctures have become one of the most popular ways to get your CBD, and why KushyCBD’s 450mg mango tincture is the best CBD tincture on the market right now.

With so many options out there at the moment, what kind of questions should you be asking yourself when you’re weighing up which CBD delivery method that’s right for you?

Do I have any specific health issues that may affect my decision (i.e. those with emphysema should probably avoid the vapes)?

Am I looking for a delicious experience?

Am I looking for serious bang for my buck?

Do you recoil in horror at the thought of your friends knowing that you’re turning to cannabis for a little relief and happiness?

Tincture is one of the few CBD delivery methods that ticks all of those boxes, and addresses those concerns. Tincture has become one of the most common and popular ways to consume cannabis products. Freed from the lingering stigma that persists around the plant and inhalants, tinctures are a healthy and discrete way to consume CBD.


In its most straightforward path, you can simply tilt your head back, lift up your tongue and empty the dropper onto the soft area under your tongue. This part of your mouth is rich with vessels and allows for considerably faster rates of absorption than ingesting through the stomach and liver.

Sublingual consumption is also more efficient than processing through the liver, and results in users getting more mileage out of their CBD than many other forms of ingestion.

But if you aren’t jonesing for that rapid relief, you can find a ton of fun versatility in tincture. Being healthy, flavored and oil-based, it can be integrated into a lot of recipes and gives users a lot of flexibility in how they want to consume.

Here are some reasons why KushyCBD’s 450mg mango tincture might be best for you, and some tips on getting the most out of your experience.

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About Kushy CBD Tincture

CBD Tincture is Healthy!


As we’ve mentioned a couple of times in this article, tinctures are among the healthiest ways to consume CBD. KushyCBD’s mango tincture particularly is made with medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oil, which is extracted from coconuts. 

It is also 100% natural and contains KushyCBD’s legendary full-spectrum oil

Full-Spectrum CBD Oil

CBD Vape
KushyCBD Gummies And Vape

At the core of all of our products is the rich CBD oil that people across the country have come to know, love and reap the benefits from on a daily basis. KushyCBD’s famous full-spectrum oil harnesses the full breadth of the cannabis plant’s capabilities, leaving in many of the healthy compounds that other CBD companies strip away.

“When you’re thinking about distillates vs full-spectrum CBD oil, consider sugar,” says Carolina Vasquez Mitchell, KushyCBD’s Chief Scientist. “On one hand you have the dark brown natural unrefined sugar. The more that you refine the sugar, the clearer and whiter it becomes. But along the way you are losing vital and natural aspects of the sugar. Our oil is the dark brown natural sugar, not the white, super-refined stuff.”

Most tinctures on the market use CBD isolate, which is a purified, powdered form of cannabidiol created to maximize the CBD content at the expense of everything else in the plant.

While this sounds like you’re getting more CBD for your money, you’re actually missing out on the wealth of benefits from the 100+ non-psychoactive cannabinoids found in the plant, as well as the flavonoids, terpenes, fibers, and lipids that give the cannabis plant its wide-ranging health properties.

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CBD is Perfect for Experimenting with Food (and Drink!)


If you’re a ninja in the kitchen and like to experiment with new recipes, sauces or smoothies, our mango tincture is the perfect choice for you. Given its medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) oil base, which is derived from coconut, it’s got a rich succulence that works perfectly with a lot of foods

We’re big fans of adding our mango tincture to a smoothie or drizzlin’ it over a fruit salad. Simultaneously rich, velvety and light, the tincture will be a perfect addition to your summer snacks.

Here’s a great article from our friends at Ministry of Hemp that goes into the theory of cooking with CBD, and offers some great recipes you can experiment with at home.

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  1. Jeff Korenberg says:

    Thank you Ross!…I use Kushy CBD DAILY!!! I am currently in an outpatient clinic getting therapy for PTSD, anxiety, epilepsy and attempted sucide. KUSHY CBD has helped me emotionally by staying calm and focused yet not getting very high or stoned. It has helped me to stay positive and patient! It has also helped me control my seizures! I have not had a seizure since February 14th because I use these products daily! THANK YOU!

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