KushyCBD’s Guide to Getting Through Family Thanksgiving

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Few would argue that this is poised to be a tense Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe the tensest since, well, 2016…

Across the country, adult children are returning apprehensively to their family homes, unsure of quite how much of a Trump fanatic their father has become in the past few months, or how they’re going to remain covertly stoned throughout. Or maybe this is the year you finally say, “F**k it. Mom, I’m a stoner! I’ve been a stoner for 10 years. There’s nothing you can do about it! Okay!?!”

We get it. It’s a tough one.

The day before Thanksgiving, or Green Wednesday as it’s now dubbed, is the second-largest day on the cannabis calendar. Cannabis CRM firm Baker reported that orders increased by 55% in the day before Thanksgiving. So it’s not just you. We’re all medicating before the big dinner. The mere thought of an extensive and at times stressful day surrounded by your nearest and dearest is enough to have anyone reaching for the medicine. 

But for those that are prohibited from THC use by geography, CBD is your best bet. As well as its increasingly compelling applications as a treatment for pain and a number of ailments, CBD has been shown to have fabulous calming, anti-anxiety properties. Just what you’re looking for.

Look, You’re Going to Need Some CBD Friend

Some of you are going to be flying to non-recreational or non-medical states to see the fam, so THC may not be a possibility. CBD, however, is a different story. Available across the country in all states, the non-psychoactive compound CBD is a treatment alternative that could be the perfect conversation starter for more conservative parents skeptical about this whole legalization movement.

We’d say it’s best to keep a couple of KushyCBD gummies on hand to numb the awkward politically-induced anxiety that will inevitably ensue the second everyone sits down to eat. About one hour before dinner—or when you hear gramps utter his first debatably racist slur of the day—open up that KushyCBD pack, throwback a dose and take a deep, calming breath.

How to Convince Everyone that Cannabis Isn’t Evil

We’re assuming that you are an advocate for cannabis consumption. And we’d say its fairly safe to assume that some of your family has….reservations about the virtues of the plant.

Here are some killer lines you can use as a rebuttal to your parents’ outdated talking points:

  • 62% of Americans support cannabis legalization, okay mom?!
  • 82% of Veterans want VA access to medical marijuana. You like veterans, right dad??
  • Seniors are the fastest-growing demographic for cannabis use in the country. So, try this KushyPunch Indica gramps!
  • Mitch McConnell has backed legislation to support the cultivation of industrial hemp, which will herald in a new era of support for research into CBD and normalizing of the dialogue around marijuana. So shut up everyone!

You can’t go wrong.

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Convincing Your Grandparents to Try CBD at Thanksgiving!

There’s a good chance that granny and grampa will still have their opinions tainted by the aforementioned Reefer Madness. The widespread scaremongering sought to turn a curious and unruly generation of young people away from earthy delights of the devil’s cabbage. This left an undeniable impact on the stigma of cannabis use for several generations. 

But even with the tide of public opinion changing rapidly and cannabis use becoming more normalized—particularly among seniors— granny may never feel like it’s chill for her to roll one up and blast off to Pleasuretown for a few hours. Even the deliciously subtle KushyPunch gummy might seem like a leap too far for granny.

The best place to start is with CBD. This article from the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) discusses the growing interest from the senior community about the virtues of CBD, and how it is emerging as a broad treatment for a lot of the medical problems facing that community. Let your Nana read this, and explain that: “This won’t get you high. You might feel a little relaxed and less on edge. You may sleep a little sounder. Heck, the pain you get in your joints from the cold weather might subside a little!”

KushyCBD for Dessert

If you have managed to navigate the conversational obstacle course throughout the meal, and you’ve made your points in a calm and controlled manner, you’ll want to finish by ceremoniously presenting your family with the opportunity to indulge in a collective CBD experience for dessert.

Our delicious sweet peach CBD edible will be the perfect finale to your meal, particularly as the tryptophan from the turkey starts to wrap you in a lethargic bubble and your yam coma starts to dim your lights.

Sleep tight everyone. You need to save your energy for the chaos of Black Friday…

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