KushyCBD Wins “Best CBD” at the High Times Dope Cup

CBD Gummy

On Sunday, March 24th, KushyCBD took home the top prize in the CBD category at the High Times DOPE Cup, a highly regarded competition within the cannabis community, and one which gives a crucial nod to the standout products in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The judges recognized our classic 100mg sweet peach gummy as the stand out CBD product in the category, and after winning the 2016 Cannabis Cup and 2018 WeedCon award for Best CBD, this win completes the hat trick.


“We’re honored to win Best CBD at DOPE Cup,” explains Ruben Cross, founder and CEO of KushyCBD. “For us, this is the most important category in the competition. We are staunch believers in the healing power of cannabidiol, and to have our efforts recognized at a moment like this is truly humbling.

“Competitions like DOPE Cup are extremely important to the industry right now,” he continues. “With so many options out there, and consumer knowledge still developing, there are a lot of dubious products and brands capitalizing on the hype. When you can have the quality of your product verified by industry experts and validated by an institution like High Times, that’s a tremendous stamp of approval.”

To learn more about KushyCBD’s sweet peach gummy, visit the product page, or read this article about why our CBD gummies are the best choice for you.

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