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KushyCBD has built its reputation on the back of our commitment to bringing the highest standards in science and compassionate care to those that use cannabis medicinally. We have invested heavily in sourcing the highest quality ingredients and in developing the in-house capabilities to deliver tested, consistent products that exceed expectations of the cannabis industry.

This dedication to building consumer trust through high standards and best practices dates back to the earliest days of the company, and to a time when cannabis was renowned for being under-regulated and like the wild west.

KushyPunch—the fun, funky THC sister brand to KushyCBD—launched back in 2014 to provide a consistent, potent, low-calorie alternative to the edible products that dominated the market at that time.

“We created this brand to service the medical community,” explains Ruben Cross, KushyCBD’s founder and CEO. “We weren’t seeing anything out there that really met the needs of people that had suppressed appetites, specific dietary requirements, or needed a consistent dose of medicine.”

Our little medicated fruit gummies became the top-selling edible in California, and despite the vast expansion to a recreational market, we have maintained our staunch commitment to healing and wellness.

This is the ethos that has driven and informed our award-winning CBD products.

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In order to better explain our current commitment to standards and best practices, we pass the mic to Carolina Vasquez Mitchell, our chief scientist and director of research and development.

Carolina is a gifted young scientist from Guadalajara, and a founding member of the Institute of Food Technologists’ cannabis edibles division, making her one of the foremost authorities on cannabis food science globally.

No one knows our process, standards and best practices better than Carolina, so who better to talk you through the care, attention to detail and passion that we bring to the lab every single day?

Carolina Vasquez Mitchell Photo Outside

Carolina on why we use our ingredients

An entire KushyCBD gummy—which contains 100mg of CBD—only has 6g of sugar, which is less sugar than a quarter of an orange. It has a very low glycemic index and doesn’t affect your insulin levels.

It’s good to see that more and more people are starting to think about the other ingredients inside their edibles or CBD products. When it comes to THC products, people tend to focus on the amount of THC they get for their money and weigh up their decision this way. But particularly with CBD—where you don’t get a “high” but general wellness is the objective—it’s very important to look at the other ingredients and ask questions about what is really in there.

Our founder Ruben has always made it very clear that he wants our product to be as healthy as possible, and for the ingredients to be all-natural, organic and free from artificial sweeteners. This means that we invest a lot into our raw ingredients, but in the end, you can really taste and feel the difference.

Carolina on our Full Spectrum CBD Oil

There are many companies out there that use a distillate or a very high concentrate in their gummies or edible products. They are getting rid of important compounds.

Our oil has flavonoids—which is an antioxidant naturally occurring in the plant, chlorophyll, natural essential oils from the plant, waxes, some fibers, and of course, other impactful cannabinoids that occur naturally in the plant.

We produce this wax ourselves. We like to know with 100% certainty what is in our product. We are trying to give our patients a more natural well-rounded product that harnesses the diverse aspects of this plant to its greatest effect.

To learn more about our famous full-spectrum CBD oil, read this article.

Carolina on KushyCBD’s in-house testing

We buy our standards—the raw compounds used to calibrate testing machines—from companies that have been working in this area for decades, and sell the standards of everything: caffeine, acetaminophen, cannabinoids, any pharmaceutical you can imagine. The quality of our standards is at the very top of the market. We are not buying our standards from another cannabis laboratory, or some clandestine operation. Ours come from some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Every single day when we start the equipment for testing, we run all of the standards for CBN, CBD, CBD-A, THC, THC-A.

We run a 5mg concentration of each cannabinoid through our equipment six times, and every time it must give the same result. Only after we have achieved the same results—when we see that the concentration is consistent six different times—then we start producing our products.

We do around 20-30 tests on batches every single day, and we only ever have a variation of up to 1mg per 100mg samples.

If for whatever reason we learn that a batch of our gummies is greater or less than our margin of error, we start the batch from scratch. It is of utmost importance to us that we are giving our customers a consistent product that is perfectly aligned with the standards of the food and beverage industry.

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Carolina was recently featured in Dope Magazine’s Outstanding Women in Cannabis series. Check out this article here.

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